Cables In Your Home, Part 2

When you’re choosing the wires and cables that will bring electricity into your home, there are a few factors that you should consider.

All cables and wires will have labels on them indicating what they are best used for. Never buy a cable or wire that does not have this labelling, as they may turn out to be unsafe for your purposes.

Wire Labelling:

Wires will always have THHN or THWN printed on their coverings. These letter combinations indicate the following information: T stands for thermoplastic insulation, H stands for heat resistance, a second H stands for high heat resistance, W stands for wet conditions resistance, and N means that the wire won’t be damaged by oil or gas.

You will find that most wires say CU on the sheath as well – this means that the wires are made from copper, which the most common conductor used in residential electrical work.

The maximum voltage will also be listed, usually in the 600 region. This is the largest amount of electricity the wires can conduct. The gauge is the size of the wire, usually 10, 12 or 14.

Cable Labelling:

The most common type of cable used for indoor residential electrical work is an NM-B cable. These are ‘non-metallic’ cables – the sheathing is usually made from a flexible PVC material rather than some metal.

The B stands for the cable’s heat rating. A B rating means the cable can handle up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit before it starts to overheat. It’s very rare that a B cable would ever overheat to this point, which is why it’s the preferred residential choice – you want to avoid, at all costs, melting the insulation, which can lead to fire and serious safety hazards.

There are also armored cables, UF cables, metal-clad cables, coaxial cables and category 5-E cables, but as mentioned in Part 1 of this series, it’s best to leave the electrical work to the experts. Make sure you hire an electrician with a proven track record, then have him let you know which cables need to be purchased, or if he will organise them himself.

Cables in Your Home, Part 1

In order for your home to get the supply of electricity you rely on daily, you need to have a solid system of wires and cables connecting it to the outside power supply.

These cables and wires will be run from the main breaker supply or fuse box into your home, so they need to be sized and installed correctly in order to keep the power coming, and to be acceptable in the case of an electrical safety inspection.

Now, the words ‘wire’ and ‘cable’ are often used to mean the same thing – but as you know if you have any experience in electrical work, this is not actually accurate. Wires are electrical conductors, while cables are a bunch of conductors joined together and covered in a protective sheath.

The kind of wiring and cables you can use in your home is determined by the National Electrical Code, and many local councils also have standards that you are required to observe. These usually cover the specific types you can use, as well as how they are installed and maintained.

If you are planning on doing work, you must make sure you get the approval of your local governing body, as you can void warranties and insurance policies if you go ahead without the necessary permissions. You should also plan to have the work inspected once it’s complete, to ensure that everything is safe and up to standard.

Never trust ‘just anyone’ to install wires and cables into your home. Always use a licensed professional who knows what they are doing and will comply with industry regulations. Electricity is not something you want to mess around with, and for that reason, unless you are qualified yourself, we would never recommend doing any ‘tinkering’ yourself, either.

Safety first, always.

Ex 2 Part 2

Turns out that post our supplier found last week is part of a series! Hilarious – again, don’t forget – we’re selling you cables here, not relationship advice. Cables are a much surer bet than killing yourself trying to get someone back:

What is outlined in knowing “How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back”

The author illustrates that:

  • A man has to be persistent in letting a woman know that he cares about her. The continuous reminder is going to work wonders and will eventually reel her back in.
  • Showing the woman sincerity is key. After a failed relationship women can always sense a false display of emotions or false words. It’s very important to be sincere and really express what’s going on.
  • Getting everything off his chest is going to make her realize that he wants to start fresh in a relationship that doesn’t consist of bickering, fighting, jealousy and so forth. A relationship shouldn’t bring out all of the negative emotions in someone.
  • The man should know that he cannot talk his way through everything; he is going to have to take some action. A relationship will come to a certain point where words don’t fix anything – it’s about the action that is taking place and sometimes only time will heal that.
  • The author of EX  system also points out that the man should acknowledge everything that he or she needs to fix in the relationship for it to work. Sometimes all that it takes is a little bit of adjusting for things to work out. Like anything, things change over time and for those things to keep a spot in one’s life it may require some flexibility and understanding that change is constant.
  • The man should tell the woman everything that he loves about her so that she knows what she means to him. At times a relationship won’t work out because someone doesn’t feel acknowledged or respected.

In conclusion, this ebook will transform you into a special someone that your ex-girlfriend will want. In no time, you can win her back again!


Sure you will…

The OTHER Ex System…

We had a good laugh in the office this morning when a supplier had been Googling some of our products, and come across another ‘Ex System’. After reading it we thought we’d share it with you to get your week off with a laugh! And as much as we’d love to help if you can’t hold down a relationship, the best we can offer you are some cables to help you build a bridge.


Not too long ago a friend was dealing with losing his girlfriend due to his own issues. He was working a lot, going out with his friends a lot and started to lose the lust and intimacy that they had toward the beginning of their relationship. They had always been really good friends but as time passed they started to drift away from each other. It isn’t that they lost interest in each other, the love was still there. It had more to do with them not knowing how to keep the spark alive.

What is The Ex System?

The EX System is a program that taught him how it takes effort to keep somebody in his life. If someone wants to keep a relationship going it requires commitment and the ability to adjust your life – that is if the person wants to keep the relationship going. My friend bought the EX system review and studied the materials – it was then that he realized how he could get his ex-back while making her realized how important she is to him. Within less than two weeks they were back together and getting along better than they ever were in their relationship.

He learned “How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back” by doing the following:

After buying this product he was unsure as to how effective it was going to be in his love life. He doubted that it would give him the skills to learn how to get his ex-back. Nevertheless, he learned that the best part about a relationship is that you always have the ability to mend it. There are two sides to every failed relationship and what he was failing to do was put a little bit of work into it. He learned that he needs to take the initiative to balance his life. All in all, she was a lovely woman and she supported him in everything that he did. He didn’t realize that until after she was already gone.

There are a high percentage of people who was having a problem with an ex, bought this material and not only got their ex back but improved their relationships with people in general. The key to having successful relationships and a satisfactory life is by cherishing those people in your life, making them understand how loved they are. If someone does not feel treasured then they may not give you the same in return. You have to give to get and having relationships with people is a part of balancing life. This product stresses that and lectures that we have to be the type of person that we expect other people to be.

How The Ex  System Helps

What did my friend improve from this product?

  • How to reinforce his own manners and be more respectful.
  • How to communicate with his woman and display affection.
  • How to balance out his personal life with his work life and hobbies.

He highly recommends that every man tries out the EX  system because there are many instances that a relationship goes raw due to the man’s inability to communicate, display affection, show respect and caring toward a woman and so forth. It’s not always the man’s fault but a relationship is a two way street and if both sides don’t look at what they did wrong then there may be some issues. There has to be a mutual and communicative understanding between the two individuals in order for things to work. It’s not a one way street and it’s also the mans duty to try and communicate more with his women instead of her putting all of the effort in.

This product really encourages common sense and overall kindness in a relationship. It tells a man that after he’s lost women there are so many ways that he can get her back. There are many ways that he can bring her back into his life by simply following a set of guidelines that are structured in the product. They are guidelines that anyone can follow if they choose to. There are so many mistakes that men make without even knowing that they are doing so; they’ll tend to think that it’s the woman’s fault or that they are incapable of keeping a woman interested. All that it takes is a little bit of effort and dedication to make something work.


So there you have it! A laugh and some relationship therapy for you this week.

Manufacturing Tour – Shenzhen and Guangzhou

In the last few weeks, my business partner and I have been travelling around China to inspect the warehouses that manufacture the Ex 2 System for us. We have production sites in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and the time had rolled around again for us to go and actually lay eyes on the factories, workers, and raw materials.

As you’re probably aware, China is the go-to country to have manufacturing done. They have amazingly low costs of production, which of course lets us grow our bottom line faster. However, we always want to make sure that these low costs are not at the cost of dangerous working practices or exploitative labour practices.

For this reason, we like to go and check in every year or two. It keeps us focused on what’s important, as well as allowing us to troubleshoot any problems that would be difficult to resolve over email or long-distance phone calls.

It also means that we can assure investors and customers that our business practices are of the highest standards and are fair to our workers.

I always really enjoy these trips to China. It’s such a remarkable departure from the world we usually live in – endlessly new sights, sounds, smells and tastes. There is this frenetic energy in Chinese cities that just pulses on and on. The population density just takes your breath away, there are so many people everywhere.

While we all like to say that New York is a city that never sleeps, it’s really got nothing on Shenzhen or Guangzhou. New York businesses shut down for the night… many factories, food stalls, and clothing stores are open all night here. Both cities are like living organisms, breathing, moving, never sitting still.

It’s amazing to experience, and a refreshing change from the offices and factories we spend so much time in.

The Ex 2 System in Wineries

In any winery worth its salt, you will find an extensive system in place that trains the vines to grow straight up a trellis to seek out the sun.

If the grape vines are left to their own devices, they will simply grow out and over the top of each other, meaning that the lower leaves and fruit don’t see enough sunlight. This in turns means they do not grow and ripen as they should, and it leaves them vulnerable to disease and rot.

Not good news for the winemakers!

The type of trellising used in a vineyard depends largely on the climate of the area. In an area where it’ sunny and not too windy, the trellising can be spread wide distances apart, to allow the vines a good ‘leaf to fruit’ ratio. If it’s a windy area, or the conditions can become harsh, the trellising will be built in a much tighter formation, so as to protect the fruit from being blown off by the wind, or damaged by the weather.

For this reason, the Ex 2 System has been picked up by several wineries to replace their old vineyard wire, which was snapping and leaving plants hanging on the ground for days before someone saw it. The Ex 2 is very durable, and resistant to rust and weather damage, so it will never snap or erode.

It’s also a very malleable cable, which can be twisted and doubled up and wrapped over and over, so it can be used in every type of trellising without having any troubles.


The Ex 2 System in Massage Practices

The Ex 2 System was originally designed with massage tables in mind. Massage and the associated practices – such as spa treatments like facials, body wraps, hot stone treatments, reflexology and manicures and pedicures – are only expanding.

Beyond the spa therapies, there are so many different types of massage – reiki and holistic massage, sports therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic. Even tattoo parlours are using massage beds these days.

So clearly, there’s a big market when it comes to these comfy couches. After talking with an old friend who runs, I realised that the only problem the massage table industry was seeing was that the supports on the tables were routinely breaking – compromising the therapist’s confidence in each treatment, and often leaving clients hurt or embarrassed after a table collapsed under them.

Which was kind of a big problem.

See, the old supports were either made of wood or a sub-standard wire. This meant that too much tension, or too much pressure in the wrong place, could snap the support, and the whole table would go down.

So the Ex 2 System was designed to be an extremely strong cable system that would never snap, regardless of how much downward or unevenly distributed pressure was applied to it. Ever since the tables at Massage World and other suppliers started being produced with the Ex 2 System, these breakages stopped altogether. Which means happier customers, which means a healthier business and a better deal for everyone.

The Ex 2 System in Heavy Industry

The Ex 2 System cables can be used in a wide variety of industrial settings. One of the most reliable cables in the world, you can count on us to make sure it’s a job well done.

Maybe you have a factory full of production equipment that needs to communicate rapidly and effectively to meet the demands of supply. Our cables can stand up to the pressure of this heavy-duty conduction and constant use.

Perhaps you’re in the communications business, and you need a fine set of cables to facilitate data transfer around large areas. You might have thousands of people relying on you to deliver data to their businesses, homes and leisure spaces. The Ex 2 System is the cable of choice for providers all over the world.

Could be that you run a fleet of cruise ships or fishing vessels. Your boats need to be top of the line in order to stand up to the fierce competition in your industry, so the quality of your audio, video and security communications must be unbeatable.

If you’re in the security business, you know that it’s a cutthroat game. If you’re not at the top of yours – providing your clients with extremely high-quality cables for their building security, building automation and alarm systems, you’ll be out the door before you know it.

As you can see, there are many industries that rely on a high standard of cable equipment. With the Ex 2 System you can rest assured that every single project you work on with be of platinum quality, leaving your competition in the dust.

The Ex 2 System in Furniture Design

Lately we’ve been seeing some incredibly creative uses of the Ex 2 System. First among these innovations is the fellow who has been building gorgeous furniture, relying solely on the wires for their tension and strength.

This guy, Robby, from San Francisco, uses the cables in a surprisingly beautiful way to create a balance between the polished wood pieces and the industrial feel the cables bring to each piece.

I love seeing this intersection of design and functionality. I love the philosophy behind his work, too:

“Every piece of furniture in this gallery represents an exploration of how tension and opposing forces can be used to create a stable system. With wood and steel cable as the primary materials, each work combines different shapes with different cabling patterns to arrive at a carefully balanced, sturdy state.”

There’s just a tantalising hint of something defiant, something counter in that attitude and I think it’s the perfect use of our cables.

Of particular interest to me are the shelves he’s constructed, so reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge. And the single little chairs, with their industrial looking practicality balanced with the warmth of the wood.

If you know of other innovative uses of the Ex 2 System cables, I’d love to hear about it. Make sure you jump over to the contact page and drop me a line so I can see what those little babies are doing out in the world!

The Ex 2 System in Electrical Works

When it comes to electrical work, getting your cables right can be a matter of life and death. While I don’t want to make too big a deal out of it — if you’re in the electrical business you know the risks — but it can be a dangerous game.

That’s why you want to choose cables for your projects that are not only going to play the support role you need them too, but that will also insulate you against any nasty shocks that would burn your day. Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop with the puns now :p

This is why we created the Ex 2 System. It’s a durable cable that can be used in all kinds of electrical work, whether it be industrial, residential, outdoor or even underwater. It’s an insulated cable that can take immense amounts of pressure while effectively conducting the electrical energy you need it to.

The Ex 2 System is rated very highly on the standardisation scale for all the essentials: circuit voltage, temperature, and the range of environmental conditions they can be used in.

For flexible cabling, the Ex 2 System is wrapped in the brown casing that signifies approval for use in the European Union, South Africa and Australia. In the United States it is in the approved black casing.

For use in fixed situations, again the brown casing means it’s been approved for use in the EU, Australia, Canada and the black casing for the United States.